It’s Common v/s Wealth

It’s Common v/s Wealth

These games are symbolizing a one sided game. A game where who will win and who will lose is already decided even before the game is started. Its a game for those who have designed it and ones will win it in the end but for others it is a struggle for survival, a question of life and death.

This other side which is here to lose has never even been asked whether they wish to play this deadly game or not. They are forced to be part of the “game” and will lose whatever little they have.

On one side there is common people and common resources and on other side there are section of powerful group of individuals with access and authority over these people and resources.

The outcome of these games is designed and decided even before beginning.

The rules, regulations, time lines of this game is designed by same set of people who are playing from the side of powerful people and authorities. Even the referees belongs to the same side.

On one hand there are people who migrated to cities searching for their dreams of better lives and better future but ended up being removed from their homes and livelihood in the name of beautification and improvement, and on other hand there are people who can encroach upon any piece of land in the name of public interest and then construct their dream homes or earn huge profit by selling the buildings constructed on the same land.

On one hand there are common resources like Yamuna river, age old trees and vacant lands and on other hand there are authorities who can divert, damage or destroy any natural resource that comes in way of realizing their dreams of getting money out of these resources up to their “full potential”.

On one hand there are poor migrant laborers who work on various construction sites and struggle to ensure minimum food and livelihood security for themselves and on other there are agencies and contractors who bend and violate all possible labor laws and exploit men, women and children to ensure maximum possible profit out of their work.

On one hand there is 70% population of the city who lives in unauthorized colonies and JJ Clusters and who dream of a city with better roads, better education, health infrastructure, better waste management, better energy and water distribution; and on other hand there are civic agencies and companies who delay time lines and provide poor quality infrastructure that too only in selected areas with minimal or no investment on health, education, water of energy related areas. Whatsoever investment is being done is being done keeping in mind the nine days event and not the need and requirements of people of this city.

On one hand there are poor people who belongs to weaker sections like widows, aged people and handicaps who are dependent on monthly pension support from civic body to make their both ends meet and on other hand there are agencies like MCD which are denying this pension amount to thousands of poor people citing the shortage of money for the games.

Rules and regulations of this game are not even designed and framed in favor of a particular side but can also be bended and mended at will. For example, for poor people, living on temporary sheds alongside yamuna river bed is not only environmentally wrong but also a violation of high court directions citing which authorities have forcibly removed thousands of people. But same river bed becomes an ideal location for multi-storey commonwealth games village.

Timing of this game is also very much in control of powerful people and authorities that act as agents of these powerful people exploiting the common people and common resources at will.

So, for almost sixty years after independence, people are forced to live without infrastructure and so called “global life style” and suddenly one fine day they are told to pay for selected type of infrastructural development in the city that sees development only as construction of roads and flyovers at selected corners of the city that too on such a short notice and hurry that no one gets time to question the intention, quality and costs involved.

This deadly game is designed to Kill. To kill the dreams, to kill the aspirations, to kill the livelihoods, to kill the hopes, to kill those who do not match, To kill those who can not kill.

This game has to be stopped and it has to be stopped now.

Download and read the book here: It’s Common v/s wealth


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