About the Author

Kapil is an activist and social entrepreneur.

As co-founder and coordinator of “Youth for Justice”- a New Delhi based youth action group that works on spontaneous issues that need cognizance, he has led the youth protest on various socio-economic issues including Jessical Lal murder trial, issues of Farmers suicides in various parts of country, reservation in higher education, encroachment on Yamuna river bed and various other issues that directly or indirectly affect our common future.

For last three years, He is spreading voice against the anti people development approach that is being practiced by authorities in the name of Commonwealth Games in the city.

He has raised the voice inside Delhi Assembly against exploitation of Yamuna in the the name of Commonwealth Games and got detained for the action. He has initiated and participated in several protests against exploitation of common people and common resources in the name of “Growth and Development”.

He has also prepared a report as Citizen Journalist for CNN-IBN on encroachment on river Yamuna and also has exposed the issues of violation of labor laws at Games sites by camping outside Games village along with other members of “Youth for Justice”

A Masters in Social Work from Delhi School of Social Work, Kapil is presently doing M.B.A. (P.T.) from Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) University of Delhi. Currently he is working with Greenpeace India as Policy Officer.

He can be contacted at:



blog- http://aamaadmispeaks.wordpress.com

upcoming books- An eye opener on farmers’ suicides (untitled)

Download the Book here- It’s Common v/s Wealth


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